Topic outline

  • Toolkit for Education on Intercultural Citizenship in the Arab World

    Intercultural citizenship is the result of accepting diversity within the same society and promoting dialogue and interaction among its constituents based upon the conviction that such diversity is a source of collective enrichment and that partnership with “others” despite their cultural differences is part of the process of building oneself and the society. Intercultural citizenship contributes in forming an encompassing national culture, and in identifying the landmarks on the shared national identity, without the dominance of one group over the other or the imposition of a monolithic culture. Read More 

    Methodological Guidelines

    Identity and Citizenship

    Intercultural Citizenship

    Citizenship and Participation in the Public Sphere

    Cultural and Religious Diversity

    Dealing with Conflict



  • Methodological Guidelines

    The trainers' toolkit and the Way to Use it Download
    Training Method and Trainers' Technical Skills Download
    Competencies of the Trainer on Intercultural Citizenship Download
    Activities Download

    • Identity and Citizenship

      The National Identity and Diverse Belongings Download
      Citizenship Models Download
      Activity - I am Download
      Activity - My Uniqueness Download
      • Intercultural Citizenship

        Principles of Intercultural Citizenship Download
        Main Values of Intercultural Citizenship Download
        Challenges Facing Intercultural Citizenship in the Arab World Download
        Mechanisms for Fostering Intercultural Citizenship Download
        Activity - Crossing Circles Download
        Activity - The Chariot of Citizenship Download
        Activity - Intercultural Citizenship Constitution Download
        • Citizenship and Participation in the Public Sphere

          Definition of the Particularities of the Public Sphere Download
          Foundations of the Public Sphere Download
          Participation and its Mechanisms Download
          The Relation of Public Opinion to the Public Sphere Download
          Cultural and Religious Diversity and the Public Sphere Download
          Activity - I don't Participate Download
          Activity - Mina Download
          • Cultural and Religious Diversity

            Cultural Diversity: its Forms and its Importance Download
            Nation and State unity in the Framework of Cultural and Religious Diversity  Download
            Diversity in the Era of Globalization Download
            Cultural and Religious Dialogue: an Essential Condition for Success in Diversity Management Download
            Activity - Diversity Map Download
            Activity - The Tree of Diversity Download
            Activity - Public Sphere Cycle Download
            Activity - Advocacy Download
            Activity - I dream this in my society Download

            • Dealing with Conflict: Skills and Strategies for Dialogue and Reconciliation

              Definition of Conflict Download
              Patterns of Dealing with Conflicts  Download
              Conflict Analysis Model Download
              Means of Intervention in a Conflict Download
              Different Methods of Conflict Management, Resolution and Transformation  Download
              Conclusion Download
              Activitiy - Color Painting Download
              Activity - War of Color Download
              Activity - The Fan of Conflict Download
              Activity - Patterns of reaction to conflictual situations Download
              Activity - The Shirts Download
              Activity - The segmented film Download
              Activity - From war to reconciliation Download
              Activity - Dialogue and Reconciliation within Context Download
              Activity - Your Turn (Dawrak) Download

              • Appendices

                Glossary Download
                References Download